Thursday, July 3, 2014

Something to Crow About! (Updated)

God is soooo good to us!

These pictures were taken before we took the floor out of the other house.
We're just now starting to put it down in our house.

We had painted the first coat of paint on the bare floor when my brother, Rod, found an ad on Craigs List for 800 square feet of used laminate wood flooring complete with padding for only $200.  That's a $2000 value if bought new!

The only catch (and it wasn't really a catch at all) is that we had to go rip it up. The guy had bought the house and was replacing the wood floors with tile. My brother, Lee, myself and my two grandsons, Ethan & David drove across town and ripped up 5 rooms of flooring and hauled it home.

You'll see in the pictures that the guy had taken down the popcorn ceilings in the rooms, so all that will have to be cleaned off, but other than that, it's in great condition. We got enough to do the dining room, living room, family room and hall, with enough left over to do probably one more room.

Lee got off work tonight after drywalling all day (you can tell by all the white stuff on his clothes) and just couldn't wait to start laying a few pieces in. I really like it and think it will work just fine with the country farmhouse look I'm going for.


The first few pieces go down...

I'll say it again...
God is soooo good to us!

Two hard working guys...

A few hours later...

Done with the dining/living rooms!

The next day we did the family room...

Now we just have the hall to do and the office
if we have enough wood left.

Hall is done and we're almost finished
with the office/laundry room. 

...and we still have wood left!

Tired of seeing pictures of my wood flooring?
Then I have a surprise for you...

This is a picture of the counter tops in my kitchen.
God gave us wood flooring to match our counter tops!
(we're not putting the laminate in our kitchen)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rip it Up

And so, it begins...

Sure is nice to have a strong, even tempered guy to help out!

The carpet and the padding were so gross!

It didn't take too long to tear it up and put the furniture back. I loath the living room furniture, too, so I'm resisting the urge to throw it out with the carpet. Don't think it would be too comfortable sitting on the bare wood floor. 

Dark spots...Sir Max.

Gonna have to get some Kilz to cover up those spots before we primer it so they don't bleed through the paint. Would be a lot easier if we could swing the price of carpet, but until we can, painted floors will have to do.

Even the bare floors are better than that cruddy carpet.  We should have done this a long time ago.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rooster Inspired Remodeling

I'm so ready for a new look for my house!  While browsing through the thrift store today, I found this handsome fellow...

He has now become my inspiration for the new look I'm going for - French Country Farmhouse.

Here's my paint pallet...

I made it by uploading a picture to - a site by Sherwin-Williams that does just that...lets you upload a picture or find one on the internet that you like and ChipIt will transform it into a paint pallet for you.

I'm sure the Re-Do will be slow, but I'll post pictures here as I go. First order of business is to rip the cruddy carpet out of my house and cross my fingers that the plywood sub-flooring is in good enough shape to paint. I might even do one or two rooms with the brown paper bag floor technique. I saw one picture with the paper bag technique using white paper. It looked cool, too.

Wish me luck!