Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Saving Mondays

Mondays are my day to do grocery shopping. While some women dread that chore, I love it. Why? Because I get to exercise my awesome thrift skills.  Like today. I picked up $169.57 worth groceries for $109.57, for a total savings of $59.65. That's a 33% savings - and I didn't use even one coupon!

How do I do it? First I pray before I go. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know most people make a menu, then a shopping list, but I pray. I ask God to lead me to bargains and help me be creative with using what I find on sale and marked down. Today, I found these meats marked down.

This week's meat bargains. Last week I scored
on lots of turkey and pork products
4 packs of Laura's Lean Beef (no preservatives), 4 packs of Foster Farms chicken thighs and drumsticks (also no preservatives) and one family size pack of Chicken Tenders (preservatives included). Saved $15.16 on meat alone.  Every morning my friendly butcher, Ray, marks down the meat that has a "sell by" date for the next day. In other words, the meat I bought today (July 8th) has a sell by date of July 9th (tomorrow). That's not the date it goes bad, that's the last day they can sell it. 

I put my meat directly in the freezer and thaw the day I intend to use it. And guess what...I've never in over 40 years of cooking, given anyone food poisoning!

I'm sure I could save more money by using coupons, but the thought of hunting for, clipping and organizing all those tiny pieces of paper creeps me out. To say nothing of trying to shop with them.  Nope, I'll stick with my tried and true method for saving money at the grocery store...prayer, making friends with the butcher, buying sale items and being flexible in what I cook and eat.

How about you? Any great bargains lately? Any tips that you can throw in the mix?


  1. I knew you were my friend for a reason -- or several reasons! I do the same thing. My eyes are trained to spot the bright color tag of marked-down items.

    1. Isn't it crazy how your pulse quickens when you spot those mark-down stickers? That doesn't happen to you? Huh - must just be me.